How We Work

Every post solution starts with a conversation. We talk to you to find out your needs, determine where in your process help could be offered, and see if there are any ways we could make things easier for you and your team. Flexibility is fundamental - every project is different and we tailor each solution to the project’s specific needs.

Get us involved at any point in the process. If we are involved during pre-production, we can work with you to plan your workflow and keep things smooth and seamless. If we are brought in at the post production phase to address specific problems or new asks, we can help you formulate a solution that fits your current needs, schedule, and resources.

Communication is key. Once a solution is planned, we stay in contact throughout the project. We are always available for any questions that arise. Our team is small and agile so everything is handled with a personal touch and a strong attention to detail.

Throughout, we strive to create a personal relationship and build trust.